Sunday, September 21, 2008

Been a long time since this blog got some life. Talking of life,i've been busy with work in my new company over the last few months...But over the period i always find time for hunting for some new music. With the demise of Richard Wright,floyd would probably never perform again. Though not many,but rock bands still live on. Here is my review of some studio albums that i heard this year.

Death Magnetic (Metallica)

Since St. Anger Metallica went back to their good ol' thrash days. My first impression of this album was that of hearing raw thrash metal to its fullest. "The day that never comes" caught my attention. There is some really great work by Kirk on the track "Unforgiven 3". In fact most of the album has got really cool riffs. James Hetfield is still as brutal as he sounded in their 2nd album. The drums dont sound like tin cans anymore as they did in St.Anger. Overall not a bad attempt at saving their music,a dying genre.

Accelerate (R.E.M)

I have always liked R.E.M for their classic rock touch till this day. This album just rocks. Most of the tracks make an easy listening. Noticeable tracks include "Supernatural superseriou","Mansized wreath" and of course "Hollow man". "Horse to water" is another track that i personally like because of its tongue in cheek style. My rating:9 out of 10 for making this world a better place,without hurting everyone :D

Viva la Vida (Coldplay)

Ya i know,thats not the complete name of this one. I particularly had a lot of expectations from this album which is why i'm disappointed. Steve Martin wakes up one day and imagines his band replacing The Who,so why not create a rock opera like Tommy etc. The deep tracks dont exactly sound like Coldplay. Forget about the album sales which show this album as the best selling ever,the distinct sound for which we liked Coldplay has disappeared. Its ok to experiment with variety,but i would like coldplay to stick to their kind of stuff. I liked the opening track,"Life in technicolour" and some others though. Overall 7 out of 10.

Forth (The Verve)

They never had a mainstream success since Bittersweet symphony. But this one definitely is power packed. The album sounds fresh with the typical psychedelic overtones that made The Verve do business. IMO this band has succeeded a lot in bringing back the psychedelic rock of the 60s for today's audience. There is no such big track like Lucky Man or Bittersweet,but yeah the 1st number Love is Noise is particularly noticeable.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (Counting Crows)

I became a fan of counting crows since shrek! This album is a lot different than any of their previous works. There is a lot of piano work here with some really melodious tracks. I just fell in love with the track "When i dream of michelangelo". Almost all tracks are great. Highly recommended for people with a taste for melodious music.

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