Saturday, November 17, 2007

Music through the ages

Rock music has gone a long way.It has split up into so many sub-genres that sometimes ppl(take wikipedia for example) are confused what kind of genre to fit in a particular band!
But the real term is 'rockability'. The songs which broke the rules in early days of rock n roll.
Earlier,lets say in the 40s,a typical musician(jazz most commonly) would be wearing a black coat with a bow tie,singing to a sitting audience,everything calm and quiet.I would rather sleep listening to that!
Just compare that to today's scenario,lets say in an Aerosmith concert,with steven tyler with his antics all around the stage! It all started when the king,Elvis started to shake his legs at concerts.Initially it was considered vulgar! Elvis Presley was Rock n Roll.
He defined what direction music should go into.Though his last days were not that glorious with the advent of arena rock in the 70s,he will always be the man.Another great pioneer was Chuck Berry.His antics at that time were the predecessors of what is today a rock concert.By the beginning of the 60s,the stigmata with performance style was almost gone.
Then of course came the Beatles.No second artist has sold more albums that the Sgt pepper lonely heart club.They paved the way for the legends of the 70s to walk in. Then what happened in the 70s is history.No other decade has produced so many legends.
The 80s though mostly were dominated by pop music and glam metal,they also gave birth to heavy metal like metallica,megadeth etc. In case of heavy metal,just one man comes to my mind,ozzy osbourne with Black Sabbath. That band's classic line-up with ronnie james dio and tonny iommi gave birth to everything metal in today's terms.
90s saw birth of grunge and alternative with nirvana ruling the world.But it all comes down to today,the 00s,when none of it exists.People now listen to bullshit hip-hop,girlie pop bands,gangsta rap and what not. Music was dead since the 70s,its now that we're realising it,when most of the classic bands have either gone extinct or the members deceased. Pink Floyd after live 8 comes to my mind when i think of end of an era.But still people live on,with good news once a while.For instance,lets say,Led Zeppelin reuniting(who could have thought,john paul jones to come back!) or the album,long road to Eden by the eagles,one of my favourites.
As jim morrison said,people are strange.Really the music is dead.Today when i was playing 'cant help falling in love' on my guitar,it came to my mind whether Elvis was talking about a girl or music.The sad days have just begun.As i see it,the next decade would see the newest kind of music that already doing rounds,'techno'!
Life moves on,bands breakup,legends die.but their records live on,and so do the people who listen to it.

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