Monday, October 01, 2007

The Greatest Indian ever

How many people can you command at a time,5,10?
Ok,take it as 20,if that is the size of your team at work.

This guy on the right,can command 1,40,000 people at the same time to do anything he wants.Not because of his power,its his charisma. He could enchant people with his shows to sing with,to dance with him,to say whatever he wants them to say! People turn into puppets in his presence.
I doubt if such a showman can ever be here again in today's world again.

Farrokh bulsara(freddie mercury) is the most popular Indian who ever lived.Brought up in Bombay,he learned his music in India before moving over to Britain to gain worldwide fame.
Even mahatma gandhi could not come close to him in terms of popularity,when seen from the international point of view.
His name cannot be separated from the term 'classic rock'.
The music,lyrics anything that ever rolled out from the stables of the band 'Queen',had some part in it as freddie's contribution.
I've always loved queen,ever since i heard the first song(we're the champions).
If you go deep into lyrics of his songs,you can see very well what he wanted to convey to his audience.He wanted people to win,to have a winning attitude in life.His songs can take you through the darkest sides of life to the sweetest victories in life.Personally,i worship him as the greatest one.He's my favourite rockstar and the only person of whom i've a poster on my walls.
I dont own any costly merchandise,but yeah,i own everything,'queen' and freddie mercury have ever given to this world,their songs. I've seen all live concerts(on video of course!) and have listened to all his songs by now. My favourite is Live at Wembley'86 and Freddie mercury tribute concert. However the compilation called freddie which came in '00 was awesome.You get to see freddie mercury as never before,just concentrating on him instead of other queen members.
And about songs,i can go on and on for days,listing out my favourites! Anyhow,the songs on the compilation 'Platinum Queen"(3 discs) have got the best of the best songs written by freddie.
Now he many people accuse him of being gay,which was the reason of him getting aids.But come on,everyone has his own choice.As for me,its his music and personality that matters to me.

Here is the song which can make any real freddie mercury fan cry.

Now i wont bore anyone with his life history,you can read it here anytime you like.

I just wanted to state how brilliant a person can be.So much that he can influence generations even after his death.As a true rock fan and Indian,i salute freddie.